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Grab Bars  Toilet Seat Risers  Handicap Faucets   Shower Chairs

Service #1

Safety or Handicap Equipment Installations.

* Grabs Bars

* Stair Handrails

* Special Bars and Pulls around Doorways

* Toilet Seat Risers and Handicap Faucets

Outdoor Furniture Assembled               Grill Assembled

Other Services

Outdoor Equipment Assembled

 * Grills

* Patio Heaters

* Patio Furniture

* Play Sets

Assembly Sports Equipment
Assembled Exercise Bike

Other Services

Sport & Fitness Equipment Assembled

 * Bikes

* Rowing Machines

* Treadmills

* Air Hockey Tables

Furniture Assembled
Wardrobe Assembled

Other Services

Furniture Assembled

 * Wardrobes

* Dressers

* Kitchen Islands

* Storage Shelves

Installed Motion Sensor
Minor Electrical

Handyman Services

Minor Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry

 * Repair or Replacement of Lighting and Fans

* Replace Switches and Receptacles

* Installation of Motion Sensors

* Door Bell Repairs or Replacement

Faucet Installed
Counter Top Installed

* Faucet Repairs and Replacement

* Toilet Repair and Replacement

* Installation of Water Lines to Refrigerators

* Sink Drain Repairs

Flooring Installed  
Carpentry work

* Door Repairs and Replacement

* Minor Furniture Repairs

* Installation of Flooring and Tile

* Rough and Finish Carpentry Projects

Lockset Installed
Dead Bolt Installed

Miscellaneous Projects

* Curtain Rods & Blinds Hanging

* Mailbox Installs

* Wall Shelves & Pictures Hanging

* Changing and Installing Locks & Deadbolts

Commercial Shade Installation

Commercial Shade Installation

Commercial Blinds Installation

Commercial Blind Installed

Invasive Plant Species Consulting Service

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